Thank you for reaching out. Are you a mother or a family that is seeking services, for themselves or a child? I understand that the process of finding the right fit for your unique family and or self can be overwhelming and scary at times. Therapy with GMTA often looks like this:

What would you like to do with our time together? What would you like to look different in your life? What are a few goals that you would like to accomplish? Perhaps therapy looks like play for children, and learning social skills. For adults at times it looks like breaking big goals into smaller ones, and sometimes it looks like talking and forming introspection. Overall, we can find a path that's right for you by working together. 

 You might be wondering why I call my therapy practice a group, the answer is that I have resources such as peer support specialist and special needs advocates. I believe that the more support we have as women, children, couples and families the more successful we are.