4 Christmases... Not this year

How do you and your family celebrate the holidays? If you're anything like me your childhood was  impacted by divorce. As an adult it is apparent, especially around the holidays. We must fit in a visit with my mom and a visit with my dad. Add getting married to that, plus living an hour and a half away in a major city and that my friends is the recipe for holiday burn out.. 

So how do I balance seeing family and if I'm lucky getting to see a few friends since I'll be in town? I think the honest answer is I don't. I long for the relaxation of staying home and cancelling all holiday visits, but not this year. Let me scale back a bit and mention that my husband is from Phoenix, his family lives there. Every other year we travel to the good old desert for a sunny and warm holiday season. 

This year we are staying in town and hanging out with my family. I think it was a few months ago when I started to reflect on how busy December 24th can be for our family. We tend to celebrate Christmas on Christmas eve. See itinerary below:

8-9:30 am Driving

9:30-12:30pm Mom's house

1pm-2:30pm Best friend's family

3pm-9pm Dad's side at grandparent's house

9-10:30pm Drive home

As you can see it's not 4 Christmases but it's getting close. Over the years I have adjusted to this schedule quite well. There is something to be said about children that have the capacity to navigate two separate households, rules and expectations. As an adult you know what I have gotten really good at saying? No. That's right. Not all things precious and special must be on Christmas Eve or Day. It's about family yes, and it's also about spending the day how you would like to. So this year we will visit my grandparent's and my dad but maybe I'll get together with my mom on December 23rd or be wild and get together for lunch in January. Say no when you need to and remember it is okay to implement boundaries. 

Happy holidays and good luck!